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First day on the road

Today we really started the field course and drove through our first national park, so everyone was really excited and looking forward to the adventure. We had spent a day with lectures at the College of African Wildlife Management and... Continue Reading →


Not enough grass to go round- Food competition between the African Ungulates

Manyara National Park is found along the shores of the huge Manyara Lake. It has a diverse range of habitat types including savannah, acacia scrubland, wetlands and tropical forest. The steep slopes that adjoin are covered in ‘ground water forest’,... Continue Reading →

A branch time brunch

There’s nothing better than going on an early morning drive in the Serengeti National Park. Up and out by 6.30am on the dot, if anyone was late, they were staying behind. Everyone had their eyes peeled, keeping look out for... Continue Reading →

Daniel Gornall – Birds, birds and more birds

Tanzania has a very high diversity of birds, with more than 1000 species being recorded in the country. A range of landscapes and habitats, have been visited during this field course, allowing for an extensive species list with many highlights.... Continue Reading →

Day 12 – The curious case of the Pringles thief (and some African animals)

by Tom Shuttleworth BSc Animal Behaviour I think the best place to start my story would be the first night we spent in the incredible Serengeti National Park. At the gate, we stumbled on a Maasai ran tuck shop which mainly sold touristy... Continue Reading →

Day 12 – The Wildebeest Migration

by Anjuli Swift BSc Animal Behaviour My day began by waking up to an assortment of animal noises, including elephants, hyenas and lions. Looking back on it now it all seems exhilarating but at the time I was a bit... Continue Reading →

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