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First day on the road

Today we really started the field course and drove through our first national park, so everyone was really excited and looking forward to the adventure. We had spent a day with lectures at the College of African Wildlife Management and... Continue Reading →


Daniel Gornall – Birds, birds and more birds

Tanzania has a very high diversity of birds, with more than 1000 species being recorded in the country. A range of landscapes and habitats, have been visited during this field course, allowing for an extensive species list with many highlights.... Continue Reading →

Active Touch theory in Sea lions – Marine Science Center Blog Post

by Emma Clear   As part of my Animal Behaviour Masters project I looked at active touch theories and how we human’s use our finger tips to define a shape compared to how a pinniped (seal, sea lion etc) uses... Continue Reading →

Domestic cat predation on British bats

For my final project, as part of my Conservation Biology Masters Degree, I investigated domestic cat (Felis catus) predation on British bats, through the use of molecular techniques. I was really pleased to be a part of this project since... Continue Reading →

My Placement year at the Millenium Seed Bank, Kew

by Sarah Cliffe, BSc Biology I was lucky to participate in a collecting trip for the UK National Tree Seed Project, collecting within the Devon Wildlife Trust in Holsworthy. Two collections of Crataegus monogyna (Common Hawthorne) were collected from two... Continue Reading →

Marking Invertebrates

by Siri Harsem          MSc Animal Behaviour 2015-2016 I am currently working on my MSc project on personality in isopods, and more specifically, woodlice. However, to test for personality you need to be able to tell all... Continue Reading →

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