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My Research part 1-Plastic Plant Plasticity

Hi and welcome to the very first entry of the My Research blog series. In this series, each of the scientific researchers working at Steart will introduce themselves, their motivations and most importantly there exciting research! The first entry comes from our very own Ryan Edge as he introduces us to the world of plant […]


Caught between the dyke and deep blue sea.

Standing proud waiting for yet another armada. Our heroes are facing wave after wave of poisonous and corrosive floods set to destroy their way of life. Our heroes resemble a rag-tag collection of individuals straight from a Hollywood war film. There is the short stocky one, the competitive one, the eye-candy and the big guy […]

Climate change is already impacting biodiversity in the UK

By Hannah Mossman Climate change is already affecting biodiversity in the UK and the impacts of it are expected to increase as our climate changes further. This is the conclusion of a major review by scientific evidence by 45 scientists... Continue Reading →

Bongo Bar Codes – Aberdare National Park, Kenya

by David Hool MSc Conservation Genetics I'm tired, I'm scratched and I cannot keep up with the rangers; I love it. Before coming here I joked about my lack of fitness and how weeks of walking around a mountain range... Continue Reading →

Bat Cat-astrophe – How do wing tears affect flight?

We are investigating the effect of wing tears on bats in a large research project in collaboration with the RSPCA and Bat Conservation Trusts, funded by an REI grant from MMU. An interdisciplinary team at MMU are leading the research, including  MSc... Continue Reading →

Initiative – Sustaining Pastoralist Livelihoods in Ethiopia and Saving the Liben Lark from Extinction

  In March 2015, a research collaboration led by the RSPB and the Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society, in partnership with SOS Sahel, MMU, Birdlife International and Coventry University were successfully awarded a Darwin Initiative research grant to conduct... Continue Reading →

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