There’s nothing better than going on an early morning drive in the Serengeti National Park. Up and out by 6.30am on the dot, if anyone was late, they were staying behind. Everyone had their eyes peeled, keeping look out for rare nocturnal animals whilst watching the beautiful African sun rise, who would complain? An hour and a half driving around the Serengeti, anticipation became unbearable, until…. A loud scream with excitement from Selvino “STOP, LEOPARD”! The driver immediately stopped, we all looked over in the direction Selvino was pointing to find a magnificent leopard high in a tree with a Thompson gazelle for dinner. We were all stunned with excitement, and couldn’t believe we finally came across a leopard. We sat and watched the leopard pull its kill higher in the tree, as Spotted hyena’s were lurking around. Soon after, the leopard elegantly climbed down the tree and left its kill to return to later.


Leopards take their kill up into a tree for consumption and safekeeping. As a group of hyena’s will dominate a solitary leopard to scavenge their kill. If a leopard doesn’t manage to get its kill up a tree before being confronted by hyena’s, the leopard will give up its kill or face being killed by the hyena’s. Having secured the kill from scavengers and competition, the leopard will consume it over a number of days, but may leave the kill for hours until peace from scavengers. The moment was captured on record, and I hope you enjoy as much as we did!