by Anjuli Swift
BSc Animal Behaviour

My day began by waking up to an assortment of animal noises, including elephants, hyenas and lions. Looking back on it now it all seems exhilarating but at the time I was a bit scared. After finally drifting back to sleep I was then re awoken by Martin Jones yelling to the campsite that we were leaving at half six. I then managed to drag myself out of my snuggle cocoon and face the morning chill.

Even though only half the group got up in time our spirits were still high, today was the day that we were going to see a leopard. After driving around the Serengeti for three hours we had seen a huge variety of animals, but no leopard. However when we arrived back we were pleasantly surprised by the two male elephants foraging on the outskirts of our campsite. We then travelled to the Serengeti Research Centre where we took in the beautiful views and filled our note books with information on the wildebeest migration. We then returned to the campsite for lunch and were pleasantly surprised for a second time to find that the wildebeest migration was passing by our campsite. I could not have asked for a better way to learn about their migration, after experiencing it first-hand.