by Alexander Parrish
BSc Biology

So we set off for the Serengeti. The dirt roads are tough going and I bet my last $40 that some people would do anything for a bit of tarmac. But when we finally arrived and drove through the main gate, the abundance of zebra and wildebeest was astonishing. We must have seen tens of thousands before we even got to the lunch break stop. But the big news is the fact that the first pride of lions we saw were all sat on a large rock or “kopje” that resembled “pride rock” from the lion king which I though was pretty cool. This coupled with the epic views makes you think “Wow, this is Africa”.

Later that night we were sitting round the camp fire recapping the amazing sights we had seen and listening to the sounds of the nightjars, when we suddenly became aware of a new sound – was that traffic noise? It can’t be, but what is it? We listened hard and realised it was the grunting and walking of hundreds, thousands, of wildebeest starting to move past our camp. I was excited to wake in the morning and see the spectacle.